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33" Green Flat Hose Gun Set 12 unit case pack

33" Green Flat Hose Gun Set 12 unit case pack

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This must-have gardening set includes a Green Flat Hose with a Trigger Spray Gun to keep your lawn perfectly watered. The flat design of the hose helps save space, is less heavy than a standard water hose, and will not bend or break. The trigger gun attachment includes 4 different nozzle modes depending on your gardening needs. Switch the dial for jet, shower, gentle, and full spray. The hose measures 33 feet long giving you plenty of slack to water backyards, front lawns, hosing down your car, gardens, and vegetable beds. Easy to store. This must-have lawn and garden essential come packaged on a hanging clamshell.,33" Green Flat Hose Gun Set,

Item # GH918

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